Thai Yoga Practice (need partner to join)


Release pain patterns every Saturday after 10am service. Must attend service to participate. All Thai services are donation based. Dress comfortably conservative - no yoga pants, sweet pants, a loose t- shirt and a pair of socks work the best. No makeup, jewelry or cologne. 


Ayurveda and Thai Yoga: Religious Therapeutics Theory and Practice Ayurveda, Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine and Yoga Therapy is strongly based on Classical Indian Ayurveda. ... Ayurvedic medicine, originating in India, is one of the oldest systems of indegenous, traditional medicine in the world.


2,500 years ago a dynamic bodywork therapy based upon yoga and Ayurveda practices, appeared in the temples of Thailand. This therapeutic art was directly rooted in the Indian healing traditions of Ayurvedic medicine.


The finding father of Thai Yoga, Jivaka Kumarbhaccha was a renowned doctor and yogi, he treated the Buddha, among others.


Meditation is also an essential element of Thai yoga and each session is practiced meditatively, in the spirit of “metta” meaning loving-kindness or friendliness. When practiced in this manner it allows the service to become deeply  and contemplative in nature. 


This greatly enhances the experience as it cultivates balance and a sense of well-being on all levels. For both the giver and the receiver. 

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