Saturday & Sunday 10 am services

Open to the Public

Service Includes ...

Open Heart Meditation 

Gratitude prayer 

Worship communing over a 

Consecrated Supper
Saturday Thai Yoga Practice
Sunday Tai Chi Practice 


Service starts at 10 am in the house and includes Saturdays Thai Yoga practice (need a partner to join) and Sundays Tai Chi practice (everyone is welcome). Must attend 10 am service to participate in Thai yoga (need a partner to join)  or Tai chi (everyone is welcome) it's an essential part of the practices Shoes are left outside the house on the porch to create a Sacred space. 


We believe our body houses source the "I AM" so we must take care of it for it to continue to support us. Remember this is a safe space for couples and families to thrive. If you're joining us for a service dress modest and comfortable no yoga pants. Wear loose fitting pants and t-shirt, no makeup, jewelry or cologne.


We commune over a whole food plant based Supper prepared in our home (without oil, sugar, dairy, meat or added salt) fresh from the community garden. We call it our Love Feast - Supper. 


Donation based virtual online community includes videos, recipes, podcast, blog. Q & A  and more .... giving and receiving, teaching and learning, inspiring and being inspired.

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Donation based

All services are donation based. Find out more ways you can give of your time, talents and our treasures. 

Ways to give

Love-Feast Supper is Served after Service


House salad with cashew dressing 


Carrot Hot Dog with Toppings 


Tempeh chili and jalapeño corn bread. 


Loose Hot tea and herbs


Fresh plump delicious whole dates with the seed still intact with walnuts on the side for digestion. 

Holiday Menu

No service on Holidays
Lasagna, Jackfruit BBQ, Mock Tuna, Lentil Loaf, Enchiladas, Vegan Burgers, Pot Pie ...... to name a few. Spend your Holidays with us. We look forward to serving you. 

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Living Desert Ranch Foundation Modern Day House Church is an equal opportunity community. And takes affirmative action to ensure against discrimination of any kind.