New Members


First and foremost we're glad you're here. We welcome your diversity and desire to commune with like minds. New members can follow these steps in any order, with the Recognition Ceremony being the last step.

Option 1

Attend a Friday, Saturday or Sunday consecrated whole food plant-based service super (love-feast) from 10am - 5pm in the house temple let us know you're interested in becoming a member. Join our email list so we can keep you updated. Thats all there is to it. 

Option 2

Can't make it to a service supper (love-feast) but would like to benefit from virtual member services. Great  you can become a member by completing the below form. 

Step 3

Attend recommended  “New Member” donation based Friday service. Every first Friday of every month. If you can't join us in person you can join us on-line. 

Step 4

Participate in the cause. The teachings of Jesus (course in miracles)  Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu and their Parallels. We practice living in the present moment according to Echart Tolle, and the Four agreements according to Don Miguel Ruiz

Recognition Ceremony

A minister will contact you with your new member package. Coming soon. members private access to the on-line community, recipes, gardening ideas, course of miracles daily messages. Q & A w/ Darrell & DeAnna. Seasonal discounts on cactus and succulents.