Michigan Couples Clinic

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Couples Clinic - how to move out pain patterns within our cellular systems. For every couple whether you experience pain or dis"ease" in your body at the current moment or not. It's a treatment plan for couples they can comfortably do in the privacy of their own home. 


Step by step full body release pain patterns routine. From the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Its a treatment you can use for the rest of your lives. You'll feel amazing afterwards. And its very easy to do anyone can do it you'll see. Also can be completed on children to release pain. 

NO more cravings

Includes beginners whole food plant based recipes to remove sugar, dairy, meat and oil from your diet to reduce inflammation. Everything taste amazing your palette will change and advance to these whole food plant based recipes. 

Web Access

Everyone attending the clinic will receive a 30 day member pass to access clinic overview online. Here you can view videos and information completed at the clinic. 

includes Lunch

Includes a Whole Food Plant Based Lunch. Gluten and GMO free organic Home made with l.o.v.e. Very satisfying

Q & A

was diagnosed with stage 3c, invasive (11 lymph nodes) breast cancer 6 years ago and said no to chemo and radiation. Dr's said she would be dead in a year. DeAnna is open to and encourages Q & A requiring dis"eaee".