Recognition Ceremony

New Members -  Join us in the House Chapel the first Friday of every month  from 11am - 2pm. 

Lifestyle Shift Support

Minister DeAnna Lynn

was diagnosed with stage 3c, invasive (11 lymph nodes) breast cancer 6 years ago and said no to chemo and radiation. Dr's said she would be dead in a year. DeAnna is now offering family lifestyle change support. I encourage everyone to have a planetary alignment report done. 

The Four Agreements

Be impeccable with your word.
Don't take anything personally.
Don't make assumptions.
Always do your best.

A Course in Miracles

The underlying premise of the work is the teaching that the greatest "miracle" that one may achieve in one's life is the act of simply gaining a full "awareness of love's presence" in one's own life

The Power of Now

In the first chapter, Tolle introduces readers to enlightenment and its natural enemy, the mind. He awakens readers to their role as a creator of pain and shows them how to have a pain-free identity by living fully in the present. The journey is thrilling, and along the way, the author shows how to connect to the indestructible essence of our Being, "the eternal, ever-present. 


We can't have negative minds 

and have positive lives. 

1. I admit that I am ready to be changed 

2.  I ask to be shown what's next 

3. I surrender to what is 

4. I rest "listen"  

5. I receive  

6. I give thanks 

7. I serve

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

and medicine be thy food. Your diet is the single most important thing you can change for yourself and your family. Start eating whole food plant based today. (No oil, sugar, dairy or meat Gluten & GMO free or added salt). Reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, heart disease, tumors, weight gain and more. Includes