Darrells creative works


Cactus Whisperer - Darrell has been raising endangered cactus and succulents for 35+ years. Stop in and meet this eclectic Artist. He loves to share his ministry with others.

Botanical Gardens

Darrel cares for and enjoy's the beauty of the Desert. His greenhouses have emphasis on endangered cactus and succulents. Grafting and cultivating desert soil. 


Only by knowing the rules and breaking them will one develop an individual style.” – DeGrazia. Check out Darrells artistic works all proceeds go back into the foundation. 

Glass Art

Darrell creates mystical yard art out of slag glass, metal, wood and stone. These sun septors are a perfect addition to any yard, garden or business. 

Wind Wigglers

Enjoy these creative sturdy wind wigglers. Place them in the garden to keep the birds out or hang them from your favorite tree to enjoy. Bring attention to your home or business. 

Slag Glass

Dealers and collectors tend to refer to any type of pressed antique glass containing colored swirls or streaks as “slag glass. Darrell has the largest selection around. A wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.