Course in Miracles Begins January 1st every year.

Spiritual transformation

A Course in Miracles (also referred to as ACIM or the Course) is a 1976 book containing a curriculum which claims to assist its readers in achieving spiritual transformation.

The underlying premise

of the work is the teaching that the greatest "miracle" that one may achieve in one's life is the act of simply gaining a full "awareness of love's presence" in one's own life.

A daily message and pondering group

Begins January 1st every year and goes for the entire year one message a day to ponder. It's important to complete only one lesson a day. It's free to begin you can give back as often as you like by donating your times, treasures, or talents. If you haven't already done so become a member its free this way we can keep you posted with reminders and such.  

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Lessons 1 - 6

Lesson 1

Nothing I see ... means anything 

Lesson 2

I have given everything I see ... all the meaning that it has for me. 

Lesson 3

I do not understand anything I see.

Lesson 4

These thoughts do not mean anything 

Lesson 5

I am never upset for the reason I think. 

Lesson 6

I am upset because I see something that is not there. 

Lessons 7 - 12

Lesson 7

I see only the past 

Lesson 8

My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts

Lesson 9

I see nothing as it is now 

Lesson 10

My thoughts do not mean anything 

Lesson 11

My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world. 

Lesson 12

I am upset because I see a meaningless world 

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Join our Course of Miracles Group and receive support throughout the year. Virtual group begins January 1st you'll give and receive, teach and learn, inspire and be inspired. Through email, private facebook group and daily message broadcast. A safe place you can commune with like minds. The new year will be here before you know it. Let's shift together 

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