Release Pain Patters (dis-ease)

Stored Patterns

Unraveling pain patterns from the tip of the toes to the top of our heads. Emotional patterns are stored in our tissues. Here we learn how to wring them out without guilt, blame or shame. 

Myofacial Release

Myofascial release is to release tension in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. Includes couples and individual release. 

Abdomen "Organs"

Here we get to the core of things. We learn here we don't have to label issues  or anzlise them or even know where they came from. They will come up and move out naturally with proper self care. 

Let Food be Thy Medicine

Includes how to jump start your meal planning. Step by step includes recipes and tricks of living a whole food plant based lifestyle. 

Planetary Alignment

Includes astrological awareness and training. Create your own personal neurotransmitter release system that supports your unique path. Understand unconditional love. When to stay and when to go. 

Change your Mind

I am working right along with you through these amazing 365 day lessons in the Course of Miracles and Master Minding. Once you remember the Truth your natural born power is restored. Raise your energy level and everything that doesn't match it can not connect to it. It may try but it will not be able to connect.