Masterminding 4T Prosperity Program

12 week accountability program

The 4T Ministry’s mission is to teach others to put God first in all that they do, in order to experience miracles and change lives. It is the promise of Jesus fulfilled!

This new updated version of the dynamic 4T Prosperity Program© continues as a church-facilitated, spiritual program dedicated to the idea of living an abundant life.

It is a twelve-week course with proven results. It enables people to change their consciousness and experience deeper spiritual awareness, loving relationships, financial security, job satisfaction, creative ideas, improved self-esteem, and better physical health—to name some of the benefits.

The program includes a series of twelve lessons available on CDs (each lesson approximately forty minutes long), and a word-for-word Text of the audio portion. You read along as you listen, and allow your intellectual, thinking nature to join in harmonious consciousness with your emotional, feeling nature.

In addition, the updated program now includes a thoughtfully prepared Activities Workbook that provides an effective and delightfully visual companion to the Text and CDs.

The twelve workbook lessons parallel the new and expanded teachings in the text, offering church members:

  • “hands on” exercises
  • illustrations
  • thought-provoking questions
  • personal statements
  • Prayer Circle Partners information
  • class notes
  • self-examinations and other modalities to stimulate the student’s progression through the course

The prosperity package contains:

  • 12 CDs 
  • A Word-for-Word Text of each Lesson
  • Activities Workbook which parallels the 12 lessons

This is a course in prosperity transformation. The 4T program is a course in commitment. The student who participates in this course can expect a renewal of mind and a changed and uplifted consciousness that expresses in the manifest realm. Thousands of students in other churches and spiritual organizations can attest that this program is life changing. It is open to all religions and spiritual traditions with a 100% money-back guarantee by the sponsoring church or spiritual organization!

Price per set (12 CDs, word for word Text, & Activities Workbook): $55

Next group begins Thursday November 14th we meet at 6pm on-line. Details will be emailed to you once you commit. We make nothing on the books or the course itself. 

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4T Prosperity Programs are so successful because:

  1. Students commit to their own success when they sign My Contract With God and commit to change.
  2. There is power in a conscious commitment.
  3. The 12-week length allows students to align with their own and others’ goals and creates an atmosphere of trust and expectation of good.
  4. Small prayer groups are formed and each student is taught “how” to pray successfully. The students become bonded to one another.
  5. The seven basic prosperity principles are uniquely taught for ease of understanding, not only at the intellectual level, but also at the interior, feeling level. The opportunity to be able to listen/read these principles over and over again deepens that understanding.
  6. The Twelve Step Program is adapted to the course as an aid in spiritual surrender, mental housecleaning, and in achieving a spiritual awakening. The premise is that we are all addicted to our old beliefs. When we recognize this, we can change.
  7. All of these and more combine for a life-transforming experience. In short, it is a program in prosperity, not simply a class.

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Let's do this

Get yourself a binder, scrapbook or spiral notebook of some sort. Spiral works great because you'll be using it a lot. 

Getting clear

Through a mastermind group process, your encouraged to put those ideas that come streaming through your head everyday out on paper. It's like  scrapbooking your ideas. 

Move forward

Not everything that comes to us is meant to be created. So by putting it out on paper we can not only get it out we can slowly see if its something we really do want to create. 

What students are saying

A minister

A minister had been estranged from his daughter for ten years. During the sixth week, after the course focus had been on forgiveness work, which the minister had joined the class in doing, his daughter called him asking for a reconciliation.

J.B., facilitator and 4T student

The 4T Prosperity Program changed my life. My students and I now know that we are powerful creators. During this 12-week program, and beyond, we have each experienced things such as new jobs and pay raises, large stock dividends, new homes, health miracles and loving relationships. We cannot wait to do another class – we changed our minds and changed our lives with the 4T Prosperity Program! 

J.C., 4T student

Soon after taking the 4T program I became debt-free and was well on my way to becoming independently wealthy. My needs are now easily met and my desires are now spontaneously fulfilled. I am truly grateful for this life-changing program. I am truly blessed and prosperous from having taken it. I most highly recommend it to anyone seeking prosperity

Bruce, a man living in Delray Beach, Florida,

 was perplexed in the eighth week of the course because so many other students had success stories to share, but his circumstances were anything but successful. His business was flourishing, but his clients were not paying on schedule and he thought he might have to close the business down for lack of cash flow. He asked himself, "What am I not doing in 4T that I should be doing? I am doing all of the class assignments. I am tithing of my time and my treasure. Then it came to him, "I am not tithing of my talents". He was not doing any volunteer work. Bruce went to a clinic for Aids babies and volunteered. All that a volunteer had to do at that clinic was to hold an Aids baby and rock him. This six-foot, eight inch, well-built man took this baby—and held him—and rocked him—and loved him—and comforted him the best he could. Can’t you just see the scene? This huge man holding this tiny infant in the process of dying. As he held the infant, a sense of compassion, humility and surrender engulfed him. A dam broke. As we know Jesus said, "He who is humbled shall be exalted". The very next day checks from customers long overdue began to arrive and his business turned around.

N.B., 4T student

I took the 4T Prosperity class. Yes, it changed my life. I was a successful business owner, I owned my own home, and I had a good relationship with my 3 children and on the outside life looked really good. I had all the toys, but I was not happy. I really wanted that special person in my life to share all of the abundance I had so generously been given by Spirit. So I got real serious about it. I ended a relationship that was going nowhere. I just really put demand on Spirit for The Right and Perfect Mate. Sure enough, a person I had known for a long time reappeared in my life and this time we got it right. I was in 4T in May, engaged in October and our wedding was December 22, but a funny thing happened to me on the way to the altar. I realized that I had The Right and Perfect Mate all along. It was Spirit, which had always been there just waiting for me to open my heart. 

J.H., 4T student

I was part of the 4T Prosperity Program and achieved everything I placed on my treasure map! Tithing is second nature…can you believe that God wants me to keep 90% of everything?!!!! I recognize that receiving is just as joyful as giving. 4T is truly life changing. 

The 4T class taught me that life is a "Buffet." You can have anything you want, you just have to get up and serve yourself. S.M., 4T student 

Dennis was laid off jut before signing up for the 4T course. He did all of the outer work that was needed to be done, as well as the inner work. He moved both his feet and mind. During the course, he kept receiving offers for employment one after another. This was all occurring in a downturn in his industry. The industry was restructuring with massive lay-offs. As he said, all of these job opportunities came to him from out of the blue. He had done effective mind-changing prayer work. Dennis selected the job that he was guided to and the salary, bonus arrangements and other benefits far exceeded what he had expected. This far surpassed what his old job had provided for him. In the process, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Palo Alto Unity church.