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Modern Day Church "without the Dogma"

Sanctuary open Thursday and Sunday 10am - 5pm


Stop in the Sanctuary Thursday - Sunday from 10am - 5pm to view the donation based endangered cactus and succulents.  All proceeds support the Foundation.

Open to the Public

Donation Based Services 

includes but is not limited to 

Service - Open heart meditation
conversation and gratitude prayer shared Consecrated "Love feast" 

Love Feast

Consecrated "Love feast" whole food plant based Communal Supper. Serviced as part of our services on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10.00am. Open brunch discontinued. 

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Living Desert Ranch Foundation Modern Day Church "without the dogma"

Feel free to visit during normal business hours. Members ask us about our donation based over night stays. 

Join us in person!

22701 State Highway 71 W, Spicewood, Texas 78669, United States

(512) 264 - 2830

Donation based Services open to the public

Saturday and Sunday
10am consecrated whole food plant based Love feast  


15 minute meditation 

Q & A
Gratitude prayer
Consecrated Supper 

or join our open communal supper Saturday and Sunday 11am - 5pm. 


whole food plant based supper

no oil, sugar, dairy, meat or added salt

Sanctuary is open Thursday - Sunday 10am - 5pm.


The largest selection of endangered cactus and succulents in the south-west. 

Living Desert Ranch Foundation Modern Day House Church  is an equal opportunity community.
                   And takes affirmative action to ensure against discrimination of any kind.