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Services start at 10 am

We've created a safe space where like-minded families can commune and thrive. We're a Modern Day Church "without the Dogma." that is the guilt, the blame, and or the shame. 

Service consist of ...

Communing with like minds; 

a donation based Meditation, Gratitude Prayer, worshiping "communing" over a whole food plant based Supper prepared in our home (without oil, sugar, dairy, meat or added salt) fresh from the community garden. We call it our Love Feast - Supper. Saturday includes Thai Yoga Practice, and Sunday includes Tai chi Practice for couples and families after Supper. 

Everyone attending Thai yoga practice (must have a partner to join) and or Tai chi practice  (everyone can join) must attend service at 10:00 am as it is a vital part of the practice. 

Sanctuary open Saturday & Sunday 11am - 4pm


Everyones welcome a suggested $24 donation for enjoying this Sacred space is appreciated. For your contribution, we’d love to send you home with one of the healthiest-happiest cactus and or succulents in the south-west. 

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Open to the Public

Our deity is our creator we believe we're all connected to each other, each of us a part of the source ... affecting the whole. The creator created us in the image and likeness of itself. It's all GOoD. 


Love Feast "Supper"

Saturday and or Sunday after meditation and gratitude prayer we worship over a consecrated whole food plant based "Love Feast" Supper. Prepared straight from the community gardens. If your just interested in communing over Supper call for reservation 1pm - 4pm (512) 264- 2830 


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Living Desert Ranch Foundation Modern Day Church "without the dogma" guilt, blame or shame

22701 State Highway 71 W, Spicewood, Texas 78669, United States

Feel free to visit during business hours. 

Join us in person!

Cactus and succulent sanctuary is open Saturday & Sunday 11am - 5pm after service.

Members ask about over night visits.
(512) 264 - 2830

Donation based Services open to the public

Saturday and or Sunday at 10 am.

Service Includes ...

Opening our hearts meditation
Gratitude prayer
Worship over a communal Consecrated Love Feast
After Supper ...

Saturday -  Thai yoga practice (need a partner to join)

Sunday - Tai Chi practice (everyone can join) 

Brunch reservations 11am - 4pm Saturday and Sundays 

Donation based consecrated whole food plant based supper is prepared without oil, sugar, dairy, meat or added salt straight from our communal organic gardens. 

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Living Desert Ranch Foundation Modern Day House Church  is an equal opportunity community. And takes affirmative action to ensure against discrimination of any kind.